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AS-Level ­ Resistant Materials ­
Plastic Welding
Plastic Welding or heat sealing as it is also known as is the process of placing 2 or more parts
together via melting of the 2 plastic. It is one of the primary processes of joining plastics.

How Is It Done?

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Contact Welding:
Basically the same as spot welding except the heat is supplied with conduction of the pincher tips
instead of electric conduction. Two plastic parts are brought together where heated tips pinch them,
melting and joining the parts in the process.

Hot Plate Welding:
This technique is used to…

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This technique requires one part to be transmissive to a laser beam and either the other part
absorptive or a coating at the interface to be absorptive to the beam. The two parts are put under
pressure while the laser beam moves along the joining line. The beam passes through…


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