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Foreshadowing in Of Mice
and Men
a literary technique used to provide clues for
the reader to be able to predict what might
occur later on in the story…read more

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Can you guess what these
events foreshadow?
Events What does it foreshadow?
George tells Lennie that if he gets into This warns us that Lennie will get into
trouble to come back and hide in the trouble.
George warns Lennie off Curley's wife This warns us that she will cause trouble.
and tells Lennie that she will cause
Lennie petting the dead mouse All of which anticipates Lennie
Lennie being run out of Weed for the accidentally killing Curley's wife
incident involving the girl in the red
Lennie killing his puppy
The death of Candy's dog Anticipates the death of Lennie.
Candy's regret that he didn't kill his old Anticipates George's decision to shoot
dog himself Lennie.…read more

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Find the quotes that suggest the
event to come...and the quote
when the event occurs…read more

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How was Curley's wife's death not
entirely unexpected
Name 2 major ideas:
her appearance as a sign of conflict
the way she was spoken about / treated…read more


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