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· To be aware of Steinbeck's
purpose for writing Of Mice and
· To understand how Steinbeck
conveys the novel's themes to
the reader…read more

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Like the story of the tortoise and the hare many
books have a message or moral and may explore a
subject that the writer wants the reader to think
about. This is called the theme.
Themes are many and varied and can include subjects such as:
Growing up
What do you think the themes of Of Mice and Men are?…read more

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Match the following words with the
correct meaning
· The use of symbols to represent ideas or
· Marginalise · Prejudice or discrimination directed
against someone of a different race
· Symbolism · Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination,
typically against women, on the basis of
· Foreshadowing sex.
· a warning or indication of (a future
· Racism event).
· To treat (a person, group) as insignificant.
· Disability · Prejudice or discrimination on the basis of
a person's age.
· Sexism · A physical or mental condition that limits
a person's movements, senses, or
· Ageism activities.…read more

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Work and
dehumanisation…read more

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Ranch Hierarchy
The Boss owns
the ranch and
hires and fires
The Boss
the workers
Curley is the
boss's son Curley
Slim is a skilled
worker. He is
respected by the
Slim men on the
ranch, including
Unskilled Whit, Carlson and George
Unskilled and
Candy, Crooks and Lennie
due to age, race
and learning
disabilities…read more

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Living and dying on the Ranch
One of the key themes in Of Mice and Men is the
damage suffered by the men who work on the ranches.
The farm is functional and lacks comfort. It is made up of only
three buildings: the farmhouse, the bunkhouse and the barn.
The men have very few personal items and their lives lack
identity and meaning beyond work. As migrants most of the men
are homeless and have nothing more than the clothes they wear,
a few rather pathetic possessions and the few dollars they have
in their pockets.
Ranch life affects the men both physically and emotionally.
Crooks and Candy carry injuries sustained at the ranch and most
of the men are friendless and desperately lonely. The ranch is a
very masculine world of hard work, gambling and fighting and
new arrivals are treated with hostility.…read more

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