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Grade Booster Points
Of Mice and Men
When examining a character show what they are like and how this has been
Look at how theatrical some sections are i.e. section 4
Steinbeck's choice of language ­ `as happens sometimes, a moment settled
and hovered... much more than a moment' ­ is this too poetic and rich?
Lennies death is based on a paradox of being cruel to be kind.
Does crooks contribute to his own loneliness? Pulling out eh deal with
Lennie , g and c.
`they fell into silence and looked at one another amazed
The play is very VISUAL and has a key simplicity which helps to lead to the
inevitability of many of the events.
Steinbeck's use of light and sounds give a precise sense of
perspective and distance which keeps the image clear in
our minds END or DEATHS.
Metaphor and Simile
Animal Imagery `bear drags his paws' and `strong as a bull'
George `snapped' the moisture off
`Eyes were red with sun glare'
`Rabbits sat like little grey sculptured stones'
`Flopped like a fish' ­ Curley and his wife equally ­ memorable simile suggests
the fragility of those who have power and also the strength and ominous
presence of Lennie as an individual
`I ought to of shot that dog myself'
`Carlson's luger'
`I drowned four of em right off'
`a manure pile under your window' `swell'
Imagery and Poetic Style
Lennie performed an `elaborate pantomime of innocence'

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Terrible protective dignity of a negro' ­ race and place in society
Mauled copy if the Californian civil code of rights
Light and Sounds
Horseshoes , halter chains rattled, memorable and sets the scene
Light streaming through the Gabilan mountains
The light off the wall when Curley's Wife is killed
Play like with a certain sense of inevitability
Water rippling
Light and sounds of the pool
Puppy, snake , mouse , flopped like a fish , he ain't mean…read more


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