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Of Mice and Men Practice Essays
1) Explore the significance of Crooks in the novel.

Crooks is significant in this novel as it is showing the context of life in America in the 1930s, where
there was a lot of racism against the Chinese and black people, Crooks is used…

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3) Explore the relationship between Candy and George in the novel.

The relationship between Candy and George at first is distrust as he says "what the hell you doin'
listenin'?" and "pokin' your big ears into our business" and later on in the book after they had built a

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In the novel loneliness is a prevalent theme throughout the novel, as all the characters are in a
lonesome position with and exception of Lennie and George who have each other, there is proof of
the loneliness scattered throughout the novel, in the part of the novel where Candy asks…


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