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Results of research
Presenting results
Pie charts show percentage/ proportion
Line graphs show trends
Bar charts are used for `How often' questions
3D charts look good, but can get confusing and hard to interpret so are best kept
REMEMBER to include a title and label axis…read more

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Sensory analysis
Sensory analysis finds out if people like your product, or can be used on existing
products to see how they could eb improved.
Ranking/ rating test is where similar products are ranked (ordered in preference)
Star diagrams rate the main characteristics on a scale of 15
Triangle testing is when the tester is given 3 samples and is asked which is the
odd one out, and is used for checking products such as low fat versions taste
similar to the original.…read more

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Control systems
Control systems make processes more efficient and easier.
Input is the information, materials, foods, equipment, energy and resources needed.
Process is what's done e.g. measuring, mixing, heating, cooling etc.
Output is the result of the process
Feedback is given at each stage of the production to ensure the final product is good
quality.…read more

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Quality control & assurance
Quality assurance (QA) is setting standards and meeting them
Quality control (QC) is checking if you're meeting those standards
Electronic scales for accurate weighing
Standardised moulds, templates and cutting devices so the shape and size is
the same
Standard food components and accurately measured ingredients
Fixed preparation and mixing times
Fixed cooking time and temperature
Same packaging
Details on packaging give manufacturers address for complaints
Preventing errors
Food products visually checked
Checked against specification
HACCP must be followed to reduce…read more


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Some basic guidelines if you're designing a new product.

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