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Compare two texts where writers criticise food or people or places that provide food (64 marks)
lexis tone Layout and presentation
Text 12 Positive lexis makes restaurant Chatty tone "good Italian stuff" Uses columns, headings and bold
seem friendly and welcoming the word 'stuff' makes it more fonts to give a clear layout
"sunny garden, but the staff causal and helps to relate to the Rating is given at end of the
are just as charming as the reader review to give the reader a
setting" Technical terms used to create a overall understanding of how
Adjectives used to give professional tone "prove" "char" good or bad the restaurant is
description of food allowing makes reader believe the review make the review easier to
reader to understand how good more as it helps to show that the understand
or bad the food really is "good writer knows what he is talking Reviews are supported by a
acidic punch" makes food sound about picture of each restaurant
strong and delicious or "slimy
tasteless mushrooms" creating a
negative image
Text 13 Semantic field of death "dying" Mocking tone- "risks life and Large image of restaurant
"tempts fate" "horror" gives limb"- hyperbole creates a which seems very artificial and
the restaurant in question a sarcastic tone to the review not very relaxing. Also the
negative image which helps it to become more restaurant is empty suggesting
Hyperbole "last place on earth memorable as it is humorous it isn't very popular thus
anyone vaguely sane" supporting the overall view that
exaggeration and humour makes this restaurant isn't very good
it seem more informal whilst
emphasising how bad the
restaurant is

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