Fiscal Conservatives and Republicans

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Fiscal Conservatives in the Republicans
These are members who want to reduce federal spending as
much as possible, and ensure a small amount of federal
spending. This is a core value of the Republicans, along with
social conservatives and rose due to the Tea Party
movement, ultra right conservatives. This faction includes
Tea Party member ans traditional Republican businessmen.
· Disowning of Bush's "compassionate conservationism"-
eg the Tea Party grew in 2010 after Bush's time in
· The prominence of Tea Party candidates; like Paul Ryan
chosen for Vice President by Romney to help gain
support of the Tea Party.
· Several social conservative issues have taken the
backburner in recent years; like school prayer in public
schools and same sex marriage. Some Republicans
have even announced support for same sex marriage,
like Senators Rob Portman and Mark Kirk.
· The decline of the Tea Party overall since the Federal
Shutdown in October 2013, which many seemed to
blame them for
· Ultimate failure of Michele Bachman and Herman Cain
in 2012, Tea Party backed candidates
· Declining prominence of Sarah Palin, who dominated
election coverage in 2008, but now is rarely heard of
· Following the Republican takeover of state legislatures
in 2010; social conservative issues have taken centre
stage; like abortion restrictions in Arizona
Fiscal conservatives do dominate the party, as this is one of
the Republicans' key ideologies and traditions. Although
there has been a rise of social conservatives, at the party's
very basis lies fiscal conservationism and thus dominates
the party.


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