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Factions of the Democrat &
Republican Party…read more

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Beliefs: Fiscally conservative and
socially liberal. They share the
economic views of other
Republicans , however believe in
same-sex marriage, gay adoption &
Conservatives gun control laws.
Fiscal: Call for a large reduction in Key figure: George W. Romney
government spending. With lower taxes (Michigan)
and a reduction in the national debt Libertarians
Key Figure: Dick Armey (Texas) Beliefs: Support free markets and
minimal social control. Opposing
Social: Christian right. Attempting t government social spending,
criminalize abortion and oppose the regulation and taxes.
legalisation same-sex marriage.
Key Figure: Ron Paul ( Texas)
Key Figure: George W. Bush
Traditionalists Beliefs: Liberal-Conservatives.
Beliefs: Conservative views. They support a moderate fiscal
They favor cultural and policy, but support liberal social
educational renewal, but Republicans causes, such as abortion and gay
oppose abortion and same-sex marriage. Also , opposing the
marriage. death penalty.
Key Figure: Fred Thompson Key Figure: Rudy Giuliani (New
York)…read more

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Christian Left
Beliefs: Left-wing. Most of their
policies are in line with the Beliefs: Fiscally conservative. These individuals
Democratic party, however have oppose religiously-bound social policies of the
different opinions to social issues. Christian right.
Key figure: Jesse Jackson Key Figure: Pete Stark (California)
Role: Supply a great deal of the money, Centrist
political organization, and a voting base of
support for the party. Beliefs: Centre-right. They are
more supportive of the use of
Key Figure: John Edwards (North Carolina) military force and would like to
to reduce government welfare.
Key Figure: Hilary Clinton (New
Liberal York)
Beliefs: Liberals are more left-wing.
Advocated fair trade and other less Conservative
conservative economic policies, while also Beliefs: Conservative
strongly support civil liberties. political views. They are
Key figure: Barbra Boxer (California) fiscal and social
Key Figure: Ben Nelson
Democrats (Nebraska)
Beliefs: Rather centre-left on economic
policy, while left-wing on social issues. Libertarian
Opposing the war in Iraq and Beliefs: Advocates civil liberties
supporting universal healthcare. and are against large national
Key Figure: John F. Kennedy debt.
(Massachusetts) Key Figure: Mike Gravel ( Alaska)…read more


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