Representative Processes in the USA

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The main beliefs of The Democrats

Liberal on policies: Pro abortion& Pro gay marriage, protecting the vulnerable and taxing the rich more.

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The main beliefs of The Republicans

More conservative on policies: pro life, low tax, 'government is a problem' - Reagan

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Factions of the Democrats

New Democrats(e.g.Clinton) -balanced budget, miltary force, welfare reform.

Progressive Democrats(e.g. Howard Dean) -Tax increases for the rich, universal healthcare, anti- iraq war

Blue Dogs (Howard Ford Jnr) - pro life, pro iraq war, more common with republicans

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Factions of the Republicans

Moderate Conservatives -Economically conversative e.g. low taxes but liberal on social issues, Olympia Snow from Maine supports gay marriage and abortion.

Social Conservatives - Government has its uses (e.g. federal funds for faith-bases initatives), anti civil rights, Pat Robertson said "it encourages woman to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witch craft and turn lesbian".

Fiscal Conservatives - less government intervention and privatisation, "Government isnt a positive force".

Neo Cons - Unilateral, pro iraq war and anti UN

Tea Party - socially conservative, strong defence, less government intervention and reduced taxes.

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Differences between Democrats and Republicans


Us Patriot Act - Support this but split on 'Invasion of privacy issue'

Torture - Against as they abide by the Geneva Convention, in 2008 Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay

Environment - favour pollution restrictions, Al Gore 'championed' this cause and Obama supports alternatives for fossil fuels

Same Sex marriage - Most agree on same sex marriage, some dont however almost all agree theres nothing wrong with being gay

Reproductive rights - believe its women's rights to choose, Obamacare to include contraception in women's health plans

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Differences between Republicans and Democrats


Torture - Support,Republican **** Cheney supports 'enhanced interrogation' like waterboarding

Environment - some republicans disagree with the science of climate change, Romney touted the benefits of using fossil fuels e.g. creating jobs

Reproductive rights - against - pro life, Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a '****' for wanting contraception on her health plan

Healthcare - vetoed stem cells research bill and not one republican senate voted for Obamacare

Crime - resisted tighter gun ownership restictions because theyre very close to NRA

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Similarities between Democrats and Republicans

New Democrats-Moderate conservatives both favour balanced budgets

Neo cons-Blue Dogs both believe in unilaterism and both support Iraq War

Blue Dogs-Moderate&Social conversatives and Neo cons favour conservative views because blue dogs are southern based(to win elections they need to appeal to those with conservative views)

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