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Mary Wollstonecraft
She was considered a radical in the 1790s
All people entitled to rights, freedom and dignity
Women should enjoy full civil rights, be entitled
to their own property and be allowed to pursue a
career whether are single or married
Recognised that by virtue of biological necessity,
women would be most likely to be wives and
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John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor
Men and women are born equal in terms of
rationality, judgement, intellect and entitlement
of rights
There are biological differences, but there is no
evidence for male superiority
Inferior position of women is based on economic
considerations designed to retain superior
position of men
No occupations or public offices women should be
excluded from ­ they should have full rights…read more

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Betty Friedan
Mother of second-wave feminism
Founder of National Organisation of Women
Attack of Freud's explanations of women's
Freud: Women suffered `penis envy', consigning
them to an inferior position
Friedan: Women's destiny moulded by long
experience of social conditioning
Believed socialisation indoctrinates girls
Recommended sustained campaign to open up
opportunities…read more

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