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Families and Households


Theme 1

The Domestic Divison of Labour

Parsons: instrumental/expressive roles

Joint and Segregated Conjugal roles

The symmetrical Families

Feminist view of housework

Oakley: rise of the housewife role

Theme 2

The impact of paid work

Gershuny: trend towards equality

Commercialisation of housework

Dual Burden

Emotion work…

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Theme 3

Resources and decision making in households

Paid work and decision making

Theme 4

Domestic Violence

Official Statistics
Radical Feminist explanation

Wilkinson: domestic violence inequality and stress


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Theme 1

Childhood as a social construct

The modern western notion of childhood

Cross cultural differences in childhood

Historical differences in childhood

Reasons for changes in the position of children

Theme 2

Has the position of children improved?

The march of progress

The conflict view

Inequalities among children

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The globalization of western childhood

Contradictory trends ­ the reconstruction of childhood.


Theme 1

Functionalist perspective on the family


Criticism of Murdock
Parsons `functional fit' theory

A geographical mobile workforce
A socially mobile workforce
Was the extended family dominant in pre-industrial society
Did the…

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Loss of functions

Primary socialisation/stabilization of adult personalities

Theme 2

The Marxist perspective on the family

Inheritance of property

Ideological functions

A Unit of consumption

Criticisms of the Marxist perspective

Theme 3

Feminist perspectives on the family

Liberal feminism

Marxist feminism

Radical feminism

Difference feminism

Criticism of perspectives on the…

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Theme 1


The total fertility rate
Reasons for the decline in the birth rate

Changes in the position of women
Decline in the infant mortality rate
Children have become an economic liability
Child centredness
Future trends in birth rates
Effects of changes in fertility

The family
The dependency…


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