Factors affecting public health 1350-present day

Timeline in order of factor, history, public health 1350-present day

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Factors affecting public health 1350-present day
-Improvements in refuse disposal.
-Sewer systems
-Pumping water to towns and cities.
-Improved microscopes=germ theory=developments of more vaccinations
-Improvements in medical technology especially in the 19th century and 20th century eg penicillin
-Improvements in living conditions with cleaner heating, hot water and electric lighting
Changes in Science, Knowledge and Understanding
-1350, learnt link between dirt and illness
-1602, tried to get clean water to people
-1665, measures to stop plague spreading
-1720, inoculation was introduced to Britain
-1796, vaccinations to stop smallpox developed
-1801, census started
-1854, Dr Snow proved a link between dirty water and cholera
-1861, Louis Pasteur developed the Germ Theory
Government action
-1750, government made gin more expensive
-1848, public health act
-1852, made vaccinations mandatory
-1866, sanitary act, appointing health inspectors
-1870, education act
-1875, councils had more responsibility for rubbish disposal, etc
-1889, isolation hospitals for TB and other diseases
-1902, midwives act, all midwives must be registered
-1906, free school meals
- 1907, school medical service
-1908, old age pension act
-1911, national insurance act
-1919, ministry of health set up
-1919, made back-to-back housing illegal
-1934, free milk, health clinics offered vaccinations and cheap baby food
-1939-1945, food rationing, made people healthier
-1948, creation of the NHS
- 1956, clean air act
-1971, health warnings on cigarettes
-2000-2011, school education about obesity and alcohol
-2006, smoking in public places banned


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