Factors Affecting Ionisation Energies Orbital Structure - AS OCR Chemistry Unit 1

Throughout my AS level chemistry i have endeavored to create a collection of my class notes and revision notes, that i will type up and folder. So i can use them for revision purposes, but then i thought how time consuming this is for me, probably why i didn't think of this sooner!
So i have decided to share all my class notes and revision resources on here for other people studying whom don't have the time to sit and type them all up :)

This Particular one gives a brief outline of the factors affecting ionisation energies, and a detailed description on the structure of orbitals, with plenty of diagrams for visual learners!

If you would like anything requested please feel free to comment, i will be adding more and more through out the course.

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Molly Graystone ­ Chemistry


Factors Effecting ionisation Energy.

1. Atomic Radius
Greater atomic radius the easier it is to remove outer electrons, resulting in a smaller
ionisation energy needed. As the outer electron is further from the nucleus, meaning less
Potassium gas a smaller first ionisation energy than…

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Molly Graystone ­ Chemistry

1st Shell- Has only one sub shell

S- sub shell (1 orbital)

2nd Shell- Has two sub shells
S- sub shell
P- sub shell (3 orbitals)

3rd Shell- Has three sub shells

S- sub shell
P- sub shell
D- sub shell (5 orbitals)

4th Shell- Has…

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Molly Graystone ­ Chemistry

Aufbaus Principle
Electron orbital configuration, uses sub shells.


1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p6 5s2...

P- Sub Shell


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