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Atomic Structure.....
· Atomic nucleus comprises of Protons and
neutrons with electrons orbiting in shells.
· Definitions:
o Isotopes: atoms of the same element
with different numbers of neutrons.
o Ion: A positively or negatively charged
atom or (covalently bonded) group of atoms.
Mass A
Atomic number Z…read more

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Atomic masses......
· Definitions:
o Relative isotopic mass: the mass of an
atom of an isotope... Compared
o Relative atomic mass: the weighted mean
with one-
mass of an atom of an element...
o Relative molecular mass: the
twelfth of the
weighted mean
mass of a molecule... mass of an
o Relative formula mass: The weighted atom mean
of mass
of a formula unit...
· Relative atomic mass is an average of the isotopes:
(massXabundance)+ (massXabundance)...…read more

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Amount of substance and the mole...
Molar mass (gmol-1 )
Amount of
substance (mol)
Mass (g)
32.1g Sulphur = 22.9g Sodium = 55.8g Iron = 63.5g Copper…read more

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Types of formula...
· Empirical- simplest whole number ratio of atoms of each
element present in a compound.
· Molecular- the actual number of atoms of each element
in a molecule.…read more

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Moles and gas volumes
Amount of
substance (mol) Volume (dm3 )…read more

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