F214- Communication and thermoreulation summary

Not my own work, and am not sure if it is on here already, but I came across it today and found that it summarises the course so well it has to be shared!

Not sure who produced it but full credit goes to them!

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Communication / Thermoregulation Summary

Communication within a multi-cellular organism is essential to co-ordinate activities
Communication is between receptors and effectors
This allows an organism to :
1. Monitor changes in internal and external environments
2. Respond adaptively to such changes
3. Co-ordinate the activities of different organs

Cells communicate…

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Endotherms ­ e.g. mammals

Receptors in skin detect changes in external temperature
Receptors in hypothalamus detect changes in internal temperature

If internal temperature rises : If internal temperature falls :

1. Hypothalamus detects change 1. Hypothalamus detects change
2. Hypothalamus is connected to effectors 2. Hypothalamus is connected to effectors…


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