Biology Checkpoints

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On the wild side, checkpoints
5.1: define the term niche and produce a mind map showing how niches affect the abundance and
distribution of organisms in a habitat
5.2: draw up a table of comparisons for primary and secondary succession, and explain what is meant
by deflected succession
5.3: produce a flow chart of bullet point summary describing the steps in the light dependent and light
independent reactions of photosynthesis
5.4: define terms,
Primary consumer
Secondary consumer
Trophic level
5.5: write a short summary explaining how temperatures, changing rainfall patterns and changes in
seasonal cycles can affect plants and animals
5.6: write a summary explaining how natural selection can lead to evolution
5.7: make a table for and against the production of biofuels for transport. How might the following
difference in their views about biofuels developing countries, western countries, farmers, oil companies
Infection, immunity and forensics, checkpoints
6.1: draw a flow chart that outlines the steps required in DNA amplification and separation to produce a
DNA profile
6.2: produce a bullet point summary of methods used to determine the time of death
6.3: draw up a table of comparison to allow you to distinguish between the structures of bacteria and
6.4: produce a flow chart showing the sequence of events that occur in the nonspecific response at the
site of a cut.
6.5: sketch a diagram or use downloaded figures from the media bank to show how the artworks in
figures 6.38, 6.40A 6.40B and 6.41 are interconnected
6.6: produce a flow diagram that summarises the course of the disease for TB and AIDS
6.7: write a definition for each of the four type of immunity.


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