Extrapolating Data

Biology Unit 4

Extrapolating Data

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes
Topic 5: On the wild side
19. Describe that data can be extrapolated to make
predictions, that these are used in models of future
global warming, and that these models have
We can extrapolate the data on greenhouse gases and use them in models to make predictions
about what will happen to temperature in the future. These extrapolations can be used in other
models to predict the long-term effects of increased temperature on the environment. These
models can be very useful.
However there are many limitations because not only is it impossible to tell the exact impact of
carbon dioxide on global warming, it is also impossible to predict the impact of global warming on
particular aspects of the world climate.
In addition, extrapolations from past data can't take into account unknown factors in the future,
including how current trends in use of resources and technologies may change.


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