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Developments in science and technology
New contexts and situations
Media…read more

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Invasions ­ Viking, Roman
Great Vowel shift (1450 ­ 1750)
Printing press ­ William Caxton (1476)
Thorn þ
Dr. Samuel Johnson's Dictionary (1755)
Technology ­ development of the internet…read more

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Prescripivist views on language
English is losing its beauty and prestige
(Jean Aitchison's crumbling castle model)
Ruined by modern technology (txtspk)…read more

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English will continue to change
More influence from developing technology and
As social context changes, so will language…read more

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Globish is a subset of the English language
formalised by Jean-Paul Nerriere.
It uses a subset of standard English grammar, and a
list of 1500 English words.
According to Nerriere it is "not a language" in and of
itself, but rather it is the common ground that non-
native English speakers adopt in the context of
international business.…read more

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