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October 2008
Ellen Petrovics

Synovial Example Bones that Movement Agonist Strengthening
Joint Articulate (action) (muscle) Exercise
Ball and Hip Pelvis and Flexion Iliopsoa Situps
Socket Femur
Extension Glut. Max Bentknee hip
Lateral Rotation Glut. Max
Medial Rotation Glut. Min Sidehip rotations
Abduction Glut. Med
Adduction Adductors Floorhip adductors


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October 2008
Ellen Petrovics

Gliding Spine Vertebrae Flexion Rectus Situps
Extension Sacrospinalis Back extensions
Lateral Flexion External Obliques Broomstick twists

Condyloid Wrist Radius, Ulna Dorsi Flexion Wrist Flexors Wrist Curls
and Carpals
Plantar Flexion Wrist Extensors Reverse Wrist curls

The muscles come in antagonistic pairs example: Bicep Brachii…


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