Events of Modern History from 1919-1939

Key events that happened from 1919-1939

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Date Event
1919 Sparatacist rising in Berlin (A Soviet Republic was declared in
September The Treaty of St Germain (Austria)
November 1919 The Treaty of Neuilly (Bulgaria)
January 1919 The Paris Peace Conference (32 countries met together there)
1919 The Treaty of Versailles was signed (Germany was forced to sign
the treaty ­ a dicktat)
1920 Wolfgang Kapp led rightist nationalist Freikrops in a bid for
power in Berlin (They were defeated by a general strike)
June 1920 The Treaty of Trianon (Hungary)
August 1920 The Treaty of Sevres (Turkey)
1923 German mark lost its value
1923 The Nazi Party had 55,000 members
January 1923 France and Belgium troops invade the Ruhr (to extract
reparations by force)
July 1923 The Treaty of Lausanne (Turkey)
Summer 1923 German economy collapses followed by communist strikes in
August 1923 Gustav Stresemann became Chancellor
8 November The Munich Putsch proceeded
9th November 2,000 SA marched towards the military base in Munich. Armed
1923 police and soldiers met them: 14 Nazis were killed.
11th November Hitler was arrested Nazis banned
November 1923 The Rentenmark was introduced (ending the hyperinflationary
1924 The Dawes Plan (first introduced)
1924 Hitler was tried for treason
December Hitler was released after serving nine months in prison (where he
1924 wrote `Mein Kampf' which means `My Struggles')
1925 The Locarno Treaty (Peace with France)
1926 Hindenburg became President
1926 Germany joined the League of Nations
1926 Hitler Youth was founded
1928 Josef Goebbels became Party propaganda chief
1929 The Wall Street Crash began along with the Great Depression
1929 The Young Plan (reduce the reparstions)
1930 Chancellor Bruning called an election (making the Reichstag
even more unmanageable)

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Baldur von Schirach was appointed Nazi Youth Leader
1931 Japanese invasion of Manchuria
October 1932 The Wall Street Crash ended
April 1932 Papen came into power as Bruning was dismissed
30th January Hitler became Chancellor as Papen was demoted to Vice
1933 Chancellor
1933 Germany left the League of Nations
1933 Germany appeared to be bankrupt
1933 Heinrich Himmler was put in charge of the Gestapo
27th February Reichstag Fire (probably started by van der Lubbe acting alone,
1933 Hitler blamed it on the Communist…read more


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