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Surrounds nucleus. Made of 2
Makes RNA & ribosomes. membranes w/ fluid between them. Series of flattened, Transports proteins that
Lots of nuclear pores, large enough membrane-bound were made on the
for relatively large molecules sacs called attached ribosomes. Some
Dense, spherical structure. (mRNA) to pass through. cisternae. proteins may be secreted
Continuous w/ the by the cell or will be placed
Nucleolus outer nuclear on the surface membrane.
Nuclear envelope membrane.
Control centre of the Studded with
cell through the Rough
production of mRNA & endoplasmic Proteins are
protein synthesis. reticulum Some are free in synthesised here.
Retains genetic the cytoplasm, Coded info (mRNA)
Break down materials. Eg material. Start process Nucleus some are bound to from the nucleus is
WBC lysosomes help break of cell division Ribosome * RER. used to assemble
down foreign microorganisms Consists of two proteins from
& specialised acrosome in Spherical sacs subunits. Made of amino acids.
head of sperm helps surrounded by Lysosome four strands of
penetrate the egg by breaking Cell membrane
a membrane. RNA
down the material
surrounding the egg. Contain
digestive Smooth Golgi apparatus Receives proteins from RER
A stack of
enzymes & modifies them. may add
endoplasmic membrane-
sugar molecules. Then
reticulum bound,
Mitochondrion (s) packages them into vesicles
flattened sacs.
that can be transported.
See rough ER. (looks like a
Some modified proteins go
Is NOT pile of pitta
Centrioles * to surface of cell so they can
Making the lipids studded with Spherical shaped. 2 membranes bread)
be secreted.
that the cell needs. ribosomes separated by a fluid-filled
Contains lytic space. Inner is highly folded to
enzymes (liver cells) Small tubes of protein fibres
form cristae. Central part is
(microtubules). Pair of them next to
called matrix (containing DNA,
the nucleus. ribosomes & enzymes)
Take part in cell division to form Adenosine
spindles, which help chromosomes Triphosphate
during nuclear division. Jessica Robinson (ATP) during
* = Organelles w/out membranes surrounding them…read more

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