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Done By : Mamuna
Rashid &
Xanjo Robinsons…read more

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What is an ethnic group?
An ethnic group is where
people share the same
heritage, culture and
identity, often the same
language and religion, and
who see themselves as a
distinct group.…read more

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Why does
inequality exist?
Unequal rewards or opportunities for
different individuals within a group or
groups within a society. If equality is
judged in terms or legal equality,
equality of opportunity, or equality of
the constant feature of the human
condition. Addressing the question
whether it is also as necessary
feature of modern societies brings to…read more

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Our hypothesis is that through
negative labelling and stereotypes
given to individuals or a specific
ethnic group; this has created a huge
gap within the educational
achievement system, when such
labelling has come from individuals
within the educational. We also
believe that with such an inequality
still existing when pupils fail to…read more

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There's Inequality within educational
achievements among different ethnic groups.
Internal factors: within school and the
educational system as interactions between
students and teachers and inequalities between
External factors: these are outside the education
system and are influenced by home, family and
just wider society in general.
Functionalist approach: Parsons: meritocracy
believes that everyone is given an equal
opportunity and individuals achieve rewards
through their own effort and ability.…read more

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Sociologists believe that a crime is held to
be an offence which goes beyond the
personal and into the public sphere,
breaking laws, to which legitimate
punishments or sanctions are attached
and which requires the intervention of the
public authority.
Emile Durkheim argued in The Rules of
Sociological Method that a certain
level of crime was inevitable within any
society.…read more

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