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Ethical Theories

Greatest good for the greatest number of people
The basis for judging an action is the results or consequences it is
likely to yield.
Teleological theories are consequentialists.

Utilitarianism cannot be faulted on its morals as it clearly seeks
the happiness and fairness for the largest…

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Situation Ethics
Situationist Fletcher quoted a St Louis cab driver who said
"Sometimes you've gotta put your principles to one side and do
the right thing". Rules (or principles) aren't the same thing as
doing what is right. Some ethical theories suggest legalistic rules
that mustn't be broken, This is…

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Personalism Situation Ethics puts people first. People are more
important than rules. "Man was not made for the Sabbath".

It allows for the diversity that is present in the world.
It understands that life is not black and white.
Cultures may believe that their practices are more justifiable than…


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