Situation ethics

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  • Situation ethics
    • ethical theory which maintains something is moral if it follows the most loving course of action
    • Developed by anglican theologian Joseph Fletcher
      • His theory influenced by NT teaching therefore religious theory
    • Follows teleological approach to ethics
      • He felt natural law was to legalistic and took his ideas from Jesus with the pharisees
    • Relativist theory because an action may be acceptable under one set of circumstances but unacceptable by another
      • For example abortion may be unacceptable if is to cause harm to the mother but unacceptable if the mother wants to be slim for summer
    • Agape love is what Fletcher had in mind when developing his theory
      • If a rule has to be broken in order to follow the most lowing course of action it is morally acceptable to break that rule
      • 'The situationist follows a moral law or violates it according to loves need'
    • Fletcher felt there was only three general approaches to ethics the legalistic approach the antinomian approach the situational approach


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