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Two Worlds
Appearances (this world)
"you can never step in the same river twice" Heraclitus world constantly changing=
truth cannot stay
Body always changing too
Reality(The Forms)
Characterestics of The Forms
Archetype for things that physically exist
Idea of what a thing is
In another reality
Beyond human characteristics
Immortal soul observed forms before being incarnated
Philosophers only people who can see them look past what seems to be real
Education= recalling of world of forms
Particular reflection of a form
Most important forms justice, truth & beauty
Form Of The Good
Highest Form
Source of other Forms
Cave analogy
Tied up prisonerspeople trapped in the world of appearances kill escapee ­Athenian
society that killed Socrates
The fire and shadows imitations and copies of the Forms
The world above the ground world of Forms
The sun the form of good
The escapee philosopher comes bk to alert other= duty
World around us illusion given by our senses
True knowledge rigorous searching
People carrying figures to make shadows politicians who lead people but do not know
the truth themselves philosophers should rule
People to concern with material & physical concerns


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