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Enzymes: The
Theory Of Lock
and Key
Enzymes are proteins that speed
up chemical reactions. They are
biological catalysts.…read more

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Enzymes are
specific, they
can only take
part in one
reaction at a
This is because they
have an active site,
specialised for one
type of reaction.…read more

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For a reaction to
take place, a
substrate must have
the correct shape to
fit the enzyme's
active site.
A substrate can then
attach to the active
site, forming an
complex.…read more

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Now the reaction
takes place and
the products of
the reaction are
The bonds in the
substrate weaken
and the products are
formed…read more

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The enzyme is
then ready to
It remains unchanged
throughout the
reaction, unlike the
products.…read more

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However, if the
becomes too
hot/pH too
The shape of the
active site may
change and
denature, making it
useless as the
substrate cannot
attach to it.…read more

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