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Environmental ethics
It is quite clear that in today's society that the planet is in a bad way and is suffering from things such
are global warming as a result if human beings and their lack of regard for the environment. Rapid
growth and technology has also open humans to…

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preservation of things should only occur if they benefit animals

Ecological extensions

-ecological extension is also known as the Gaia hypothesis, by James lovelock
This theory see humans and the environment as to separate things
-James lovelock had 2 versions in his theory his 1st argued that Gaia a goddess…

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utilitarianism as we know uses the formula of greatest good for the greatest number this
would thus require people to use their further knowledge to decide
as a cost benefit theory a person would have to weigh up the amount of pleasure and
pain that would be caused if an…

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Virtue deprives from the term excellence and a excellent person according to virtue ethics
would do virtuous things within the community arguably being virtuous would not allow a
person to exploit then environment
The golden mean would argue that a person should act in moderation therefore we should
not commit…


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