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Tables for each approach and their views on the topics under sexual ethics!

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In Jewish law sexual intercourse Writers of the Bible and early Christian Desmond Tutu, argues that
became inseparable from marriage as writers did not live at a time when homosexuals should be treated
the contractual nature of the contraception was preventative; it equally to heterosexuals because
marriage relationship regulated the worked by causing a very early they are not to blame for how
issue of inheritance. Woman were miscarriage. Therefore it was seen as they were created `There is no
expected to be virgins when they morally bad since it has the same longer Jew nor Greek... male and
married so the man could know his effect as an abortions female; for all of you are one in
children were his Christ Jesus' (Galatians 3:28)
Inheritance also appears to be the Today many Christians no longer
reason for the Old Testament regard contraception as morally
condemnation of adultery. The wrong. Many Christians believe that
Torah places it after murder as a God is love and therefore does not
serious offence. This is because it wish people to give birth to unwanted
creates uncertainty about the children. Nor, it is argued, does he
legitimacy of the son and also as the want to see human beings die from
woman is considered her husband's the effects of unprotected sex. Yet
property having sex with her was many argue widespread
theft of the most important thing a contraception sends out the wrong
man owned message
Liberal Christians take some of
their ideas from situation ethics.
Joseph Fletcher's concept of
agape inspired social reform.
Bishop Gene Robinson, who is
openly gay, regards love as he
central theme of God's moral
law. He believes that Christians
have a duty to practice God's
fundamental law ­ the Golden
Rule of Jesus `do unto others
what you want them to do for
you' (Matthew 7:12). For
Robinson, agape reflects itself in
commitment to your partner so
sex should be judged in terms of
relationships (came criteria as
Paul discusses the importance of
marriage. Premarital sex is wrong and
corrupts the body with sexual lust;
`your body is a temple of the Holy
Spirit'. Paul taught about celibacy and
said that if a person's sexual desires
cannot be controlled then it is best
for the person to remain celibate

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Biblical writers emphasise the The traditionalist approach is
contractual relationship between a most widely held found within the
man and his wife reflecting the views teachings of Protestant and Roman
in the ancient world that women were Catholic Churches; it condemns
inferior to men what it considers the sin of
homosexual acts but not the
Views began to change in the 19th
century where the contractual
obligations of marriage were
replaced by the focus on agape.…read more

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God created male and female to
become on flesh, as Genesis puts
it, to reproduce
Aquinas' concept of sexuality was Sex is primarily designed for the The telos of sexual intercourse is
intrinsically connected to procreation creation of life the birth of a child and gay sex
and not about sexual pleasure can never conform to the intention
of procreation therefore it is
morally wrong
In Summa Theologica Aquinas asserts Pope Paul IV allowed for the rhythm The Catholic Church teaches that
that the function,…read more

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Kant used the Categorical Procreation is an intrinsic duty of Influenced by Natural Law (that
Imperative to asserts that sexual the human race.…read more

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Kant believed in the autonomy of
every person and this included
married woman
Kant's Summun Bonum may be
considered to be the solution to the
contradictions in his thought
Both sex and marriage are imperfect Arthur Schopenhauer considered
but necessary for human survival and what he called the paradox of
so marriage is the best method of homosexuality. He saw
regulating sexual intercourse and homosexuality as a means of
the creation offspring preventing greater evils such as
the birth of unwanted children.…read more

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Bentham regarded sex as a basic Generally, Victorian Britain women
human need that exists to give were under the authority of their
pleasure no matter how short lived father or husband
He distinguished between offences The husband controlled sex in
against the self and offences against marriage and fathers prevented it
society; homosexuality, pornography outside of marriage.…read more

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Mill and his wife Harriet Taylor
argued that it would be front for a
husband to cause embarrassment to
his wife's reputation by visiting
brothels and by treating her with
contempt. In these circumstances a
wife has the right to leave her
husband which was illegal at the time
The utitilarian approach has been
attacked since Bentham's essay.…read more

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Peter Singer, the preference
utilitarian, argues that human beings
should be free to do what they like to
whomever thy like as long as that
other person is not harmed in the
The effects of premarital sex and
extramarital sex must be calculated on
the basis of positive harm.…read more

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Prostitution is morally wrong since it
does not lead to a stable and loving
Pornography is morally wrong but not
because the harm it causes to the
porn star but because of the effect
that it has on the person looking at the
pornographic material; they lack
virtue by treating others as objects
Michael Slote emphasises the caring
nature of a virtuous person.…read more

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Some virtue ethicists point to the
temporary nature of many gay
relationships as an example of how
the gay lifestyle goes against the
virtuous life.…read more


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