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Visit from WJEC examiner today - these are what they want. STRICT MARKING  THIS YEAR!

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English Revision ­ Writing Exam
Write in sentence
Vary sentence structures
Include compound and complex
Punctuate sentences correctly
Simple sentences ­ sentence with 1 verb
Compound sentence ­ contains 1 of (and or but so)
Complex sentence ­ enables variety of sentences, longer sentences and contains
subordinate clause.
Sub clause (AT END) ­ no need for comma
Sub clause (BEGINNING) ­ use comma after sub clause
Sub clause (MIDDLE) ­ 2 commas, beginning and end of sub clause
Subordinate clause ­ not a sentence on its own, extra part of information
Monday mornings are difficult to start with. Nobody wants to move out of bed but we
have no choice. Because we have school, we have to get up early.
Capital letters
Start of sentence
Proper nouns ­ people, places, titles, brand, languages, days

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In lists
More than 1 adjective describing a noun
Introduce quotes or direct speech
When yes or no forms part of an answer
After and interjection (oh, wow)
Before an aside (~~~~, wont you?)
After sub clause
On either side of an embedded clause
Instead of brackets
Introduce lists
Introduce speech or quotes
In lists (complicated)
Instead of full stops
Example: My ideal holiday would include: endless rays of sun; miles of sandy beaches;
plates of delicious food; my family and friends.…read more


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