Love After Love

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Love After Love- Derek Walcott

The poem is representative of self remembrance and discovery. The assumption is that in life, we spend years try to discover who we are. The poem then describes the moment, sort of an epiphany, that you would have when your old self and your experienced self meet again. When the meet it is in the form of making friends and sharing a meal together.  

The beginning of the poem is when you are dreaming of the moment when this epiphany will happen. You dream that this will be a moment of elation (great happiness) where you will be pleased to see yourselves. This displays paradox because somebody meeting themselves is something that does not happen. 

The second stanza is more like the memories that your experienced self had fit in with the world but also how they have lost touch with your true self. It says that there will come a day where you will recognise


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This was helpful, thankyou, but maybe some more quotes and examples of what could be commented on?

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