english cluster 2 ,poems on culture



SUPERLATIVE: Refers to people to identify the reader/writer relationship.

OPINIONS AS FACTS: To present belifs as if they are factual truths.

FLATTERY: Saying nice things about the reader to get them on your side.

RHETORICAL QUESTIONS: A question designed to make the reader think it doesnt need and answer.

TRIPLES: To repeat an idea or image three times usally in a slightly different way.

EMOTIVE LANGUAGE: Words and phrases to make the reader feel somthing.

PRONOUNS: Adjective to imply the highest or lowest quailty.

write about the ways in which two poets in this section explore the connection between people and the places in which they live,

The connection between people and the places in which they live is explored in both "love after love" by Derek Walcott and "this room" by Imtiaz Dharker.Eventhough both poems look at te range of feelings then places.The setting of both poems are explored and celebrated and have an overall effect on the poems.By the way the readers feel and how emotionally attatched they get to the poems.

In "love after love" the poet Walcott has been in a places off happiness and love for a long time .He realises that you change during a relationship "all your life,whom you ignored,for another,who knows you by heart."He is saying that basically you ignore yourself for the one that you loved or the people around you.He has obviously done this for quite awhile as he calls himself a "stranger". This shows us that he doesn't know


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