English notes - Revelation (poem)

I have spent weeks refining down my notes on my poems for the Higher English exams, this document is the result of that. I thought I'd share them as it is often very difficult to get any concise information on poems.

These notes are a scaled down to the point set of notes on the poem: Revelation by Liz Lochhead

What is covered?:
• Word choice - connotations
• Word choice
• Word choice - appealing to the senses (synaesthesia, visually, sound)
• Word choice - imagery
• Word choice - contrast
• Poem summary
• Verse
• Mood/tone
• Themes
• Characters
• Symbols
• Pacing
• Parallels
• Close look at stanzas

How to use this file?:
On the first page the colour lines corrospond to the coloured titles in the next column.

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