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Key - Mister Pip

M = Matilda

D = Dolores

DD = Dolores Dedication

NTFS = Nature of truth / Storytelling

BW = Brutality of War

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1 Matilda

White people are important. Hold all the power over race - BRUTALITY OF WAR

' We had grown up believing white to be the

colour of all important things' M/TW

  • Comes into contact so few whites curious about Pop E, only white inhabitant 

Brutality of war ' I will give you two weeks to think about your decisions.

Mr Watts pigs

What to save daughter

Burn possesions

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2 m

MW volunteers to teach children. He is going to transforn M's life. Amazed when he smiles when confessing he knows his nickname.

'After that i never called him Pop Eye again'

  • M sensitive enough to recognise man behind nickname

Children never read a novel before in English. Become aware poverty education.Take MW literally.

'Met Mr Dickens on the page --- don't know him yet'

  • M calculates when book will end. Adding amusement + imagination.

M realising fiction can help her use imagination to make friends. Travel foreign pages. Finding out joys reading literature first time

'Mr Watts had given us another piece of the world' NTS M TW

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M 3

Conflict THEN,

Redskins arrive looking rebel soldiers. Write down names but Pip written on beach can't find. When asked to find book M can't find

'Now i knew fear as Pip had known it'

  • M understands soldiers volatile + dangerous. Set alight village possesions. Have to weeks to find 'Pip'. M

M discovers hidden book but understand D motives. M decides not to confess due to love more than D knows it. Irony as D bible perished in fire

Village rush to TW house in case book there. 'Moral confusion' for Matilda that she believes mum felt aswell.

'I had the information that could have stopped them, but i said nothing, and did nothing.'

M feels action cowardly. However interprets MR and Grace are now equals in suffering with village. M

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4 m

Story Telling THEN,

M world turned outside down. CLIMAX redskins come kill.All ina line and D speaks ups as final act. Picks out D daughter and takes her to see mother being ***** by soliders. When D aware she comes to life.

' I saw her naked and felt so ashamed for us both i began to cry'

  • M witnesses brutality and how they toy with natural insincts to protect her,
  • D bargains with life and taken away. Officier, humanly, turns M to ocean.
  • Alone and frightened, feels abandoned
  • M swept away by river couldn't care for safety.

Moves to AUS for dad then disappointed in GE due to different. Still her favourite as it contains 'many personal touchstones'.

M can't come to terms with grief and loss , to find closure goes to Wellington meets June, fills her in with Grace etc., Tom's flaws. Disappointed


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1 Dolores

Come into conflict over GE. A religious lady thinks Pip stealing wrong + story immoral. Concerned MW corrupting the children.

' And what did Pop Eye have to say about this'

  • Nickname indicates lack of respect
  • Last time she asked to hear an instalment.
  • Angry at M showing off but worried M taking too much interest in world far away from surroundings and may lose her to it. 
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2 D

D makes bold move against MW influence by going to school delivering religious lecture

'She was wearing the green scarf my dad sent in the very last package we received.

  • D wishes to be respectable and equal to Mr Watts. Beginning of outward hostility

Hostility grows with Great Expectations M obsession and Mr Watts, neither approved by Dolores. Only sees a white man, not kind man Matilda sees. Refers as Pop Eye and says he is 'sprint of shining cuckoo'.

'He isn't a blood relative!' futher angered by ' I do not believe in devil'

As D comes to class to tell to resist tempations by telling story. Has open conflict over soul of Matila. Can understand her torment but she also blames TW for change in Grace as the exchange over 'emigrants' reveals

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3 D

Redskins return to village looking for 'Mr Pip. TW who has given false name of Mr Dickens tries to explain character in book. M can't find. Officier furious at being 'lied' to and orders all possesion gathered up set alights. Curious that D keeps silent but makes discovery.

'Unrolled the mat and there was Mr Watts' copy of 'Great Expectations'.

  • Shocked + betrayed by mothers action as reader
  • Dolores had attempted to get rid of influence. TURNING POINT
  • Understand how upset + desparate Dolores felt to do something expressly forbidden by bible.
  • Reader very disappointed. Irony bible perished. metaphor for d loss of integrity.
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4 D

When GW dies D's attitude softens a little, showing at heart good women. She leads village mourners at funeral but explains on own to Matilda how proud that she had won scholarship to Australian school.

'Grace was going to show the world how smart a black kid could be'

However she returned changed + without qualifications

'She used her scholarship to hook a white man'

  • Reader understands that part of hostility to TW that she blames Tom for what happened to Grace. Grew away from roots. Her motive for war on Tom

MW tells lifestory to rebel soldiers takes opportunity to explain to Dolores what happened to Grace in metaphor for Mayfly habits

'Everyone was laughing so hard they didn't see Mr Watts Seek out my mum with a smile'

  • Finds out from evening instalments Grace + TW where happy of child birth, but death of meningitis. 
  • Grace slipped into depression in effort to cure her TW give 'Queen of Sheba' approved as seen as very wise black women in bible. 
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5 D

D's final act to stand up for TW against redskin officer after TW slaughtered.

'Sir i saw your men chop up the white man. He was a good man. I am here as God's witness.

  • Mr watts would have been proud.
  • D conceding she has judged MR harshly + wrongly.
  • Desires to atone for earlier wrongdoing. Helped bring about village misery + death of Daniel etc.
  • Dolores understands misguided pride causes disaster. By her act she is reconciled with character of TW.

D taken by soldiers + ***** repeatedly. M singled out as D daughter + used as bargaining chip. Dolores pleading with redskin not to **** M.

'I will give my life'

  • Orders to shot D, in brief decency act turns M to ocean. Later learns what happened.
  • In flashback M thinks her **** would have been worth it. Remembers mum as brave woman. With good morals.
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1 Tom Watts

Matilda only sees as 'wore the same linen suit' everyday. Despite life has little power or influence.

Once blockade taken hold, Tom Watts volunteers to teach. M gets to know him

Mr Watts wants to broaden the childrens horizons beyond village life and culture

'I want this to be a place of light'

  • Honest with children treats them like equals

A modest man who is honest with the class.

'Whatever we have between us is all we've got'

  • Has no expertise to be their teacher. But has a love of Dickens and esp GE

Polite, respectful man who does not use white superiority

'I'm very pleased to meet you , Mabel'

  • Aware of shortcomings so invited village adults to share knowledge. Courteous even with Dolores attack on his lack of christian faith 
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2 TW


Redskins arrive village, confusion seeing 'Pip' in sand. But when 'Pip belongs to Mr Dickens' Daniel, protects by taking persona

'Yes, i am that man'

MOTIVE accepitng idenity has chance to be idol, enjoying roles, leads to tragedy later

GRACE DIES, stricken by loss understands by living with him she less contact community, soon returns class fill days

After Redskins go rebels arrive hostile as white, threatening sexually assault, asserts natural white authority.

Plans to give himself up as 'Pip' when redskins return for good of village, no point living when Grace gone. MOTIVE TO sacrifice himself

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3 TW

Rebels want Mr Watts stories every night. Never heard 'story telling for  years'. Listened eagerly as villagers (rebels) every night. As compelling as GE.

  • Blends episodes from GE with own life. Fantasist, exaggeration to entertain rebels.
  • Meeting of Grace, happy with baby takes of birth, babies room. Gets carried away he becomes 'drunk on stories'. Loses sense of Dickens, his life etc. 
  • Conflict Dolores over Queen of sheba mayfly metaphor
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4 TW

M has dilemma whether to escape with TW. 'Don't tell Dolores until i give you the word.'

Loyalities are torn. MW doesn't not trust D, M being made same. Unfair places M in very difficult position shouldn't be in.

Dilemma resolved by sudden return redskins. Angered that Pip is in the village. Rambo that points out MW as Pip dragging limp body towards pigs

'They chopped Mr Watts up and threw him in pieces to the pigs'

  • Climax , shocked numbed by sudden killing

Matilda notes on disappointment for GE in Aus. But as matures loves Dickens and TW influence.

Also on going back to see wife for closure.

But perspective on him very different

'I married a weak man' 

  • Bores no resemblence 
  • Positives : polite, pride, inspires, protects sacrifices, grace devotion
  • Flaws : fantasist, eccentric, liar, weak, naive, tells stories

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1 Power of story telling

First time life M experiences pleasure novel being told. Could escape to another place than war.

' We only had to close our eyes to be sure'

  • Paradox explains thrill of discovering imagination power for first time.

Soon discovers can care for character + empathise:

' At some point i felt myself enter the story'

  • Identifies with Pip, main character and begins to understand that character and reader can share experiences + emotions. Can escape her own world 'travel to another place'

Matilda suprised she can make friends with book character.

'I had found a new friend --- but in a book'

  • As obsessed children today Harry Potter. becomes obsessed + absorbed
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Children feel flat when story finished. no excitement now M confused by ending

Rebels at night, mix GE and own life story

'he could take elements from it and make it into whatever he wished,'

  • MW story just as compelling as GE to the kids, had whole village in wonder.
  • He tells story like dickensm weaves magic S-T has had thousands of years.
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Nature of Truth 1

MP many various versions of GE. One to children, rebels, dickens original. Truth is dependant on perspective, novel really investigates real TW

Dolores - white man, who damaged grace. Proud quote. Uses metaphor of ' offspring of shining cuckoo' to show resentment.

Then understands G depression why? and forgives. Atones misjudgement Final act.

Matilda - Pop Eye curiosity. Worship. Doubt no Dolores boat. No read full GE. June story.

Ultimately believes good man. Influence on her 'every voice is special'

June Watts - coward could not say having affair. Tom brave quote + 'My husband was a fantasist' told lots of stories. Member dramatics group. Explain his talents!

Soldiers - Redskins as Pip being harboured village, westernised + dangerous.When they discover TW suspicions increase. Leave alone as white but burn houses.. Rebels anger when Mr watts is Pip and thought made fools of lying villagers. Mr watts killed redskins as he hads been humiliated and assassinating a rebel leader. Why ask for witnesses. Rebel soldiers believe elderly white man telling life story.

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