Mrs. Midas Carol Ann Duffy Study Notes

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A technique that Duffy uses is Revisionism in her poetry. The story is re-written and certain features are changed and modernised.

The reason that she does this is so that she is able to give power to the female/feminine voice. Characters are altered to convey a different message on the meaning of the poem.

Duffy has done this to give assertainty to the power of the female voice. She is a feminist. Duffy writes from the female point of view.

The structure of the poem - eleven stanzas and 6 lines in each stanza. Also called eleven sestets. Each sestet is almost like another scene.

There is also dramatic monologue used which is really important. Duffy assumes a persona which is not her own voice specifically - but Duffy becomes a character (Mrs. Midas) and speaks to an unknown audience, like a conersation.

The dramatic monologue is favoured by Duffy because it creates intimacy between the speaker and the audience.

This poem comes from a series of poems called The World's Wife.

Duffy uses the character Mrs. Midas as a vehicle for her feminist viewpoint.


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The fact that there are so many spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in this, concerns me.

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