English Language- GCSE AQA 2011- (higher tier)

Hey guys, 

These were some of my notes from my GCSE eng lang.

I've done my gcse now and thought that i'd share them with you:) 

i hope they help. 

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You should start off like this: "We learn..." followed by the points. This is easy for
the examiner to read, as well as being well structured. Clarity is key! For that
paper, 3 to 4 marks was the "norm", but we want to be aiming higher! Maybe we
could add some quotes in to back it up? I think that was from the foundation
examiners report.
This could be an opening sentence, which is also your first point: Elizabeth Hyde
went Rafting on the Grand Canyon with her husband and three daughters.
For higher tier though, you should still bare in mind clarity. Connections with the
text are key! Do not start analysing the language! READ THE QUESTION.
You need to show you understand the text, so this can be shown
through perception, meaning you have an insight on the text, as well as
being detailed when writing your answer.
It is advised to spend about 12 minutes on this question! Kept track of time! You
can easily go over 12 minutes, thinking it is no big deal, then when you come to
the last question, you don't have enough time to write the answer to the last
question, which is double the marks!
Here you need to show a detailed interpretation of the effect of the
headline and subheadline. You should definitely give a detailed
explanation and interpretation of what the picture shows and its effect of
how it links the picture and the headlines. Include quotations! Even
though you're talking about the headline, the text in the headline may be
repeated throughout the text, so this shows repetition, which Ian Sample
has used to reinforce ...
The headline and subheadline are effective because:
They tell the reader ... , which will fascinate the reader. The reader's disbelief
will attract them to read the article.
The fact that the headline ... is effective because it's ..., we would probably
(how we would interpret it)

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The word ... connects with the picture, which shows ... , the text also describes
The subheadline is effective for readers because ...
Bold, eyecatching, arresting, stands out...
It provides a picture in the readers mind
The headline encapsulates what the text is about (then say what you think it
would be about)
The picture is effective because:
The picture shows ... , which will have an impact on the reader and make them
want to know more.…read more

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Key points from the examiners report:
Question 4 was the question with which most candidates had difficulty.
There were 16 marks available for this question compared with 8 marks for
questions 1,2 and 3. The reason being that this question tested the candidates
ability to compare two texts by analysing the effects of the writers' use of
language. This was the `language' question.
Examiners reported a number of problems.…read more


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