English language AQA GCSE revision and tips and some questions


English Revision

Question 1-

What do you learn from Geoffrey Lean’s article about the issue of rain fall and flooding in Britain?

What did you learn for Elizabeth Hyde’s article about where she had been and what has she been doing?

What do learn from Ben Leach’s article about the issue and concerns regarding the building of wind farms?

Basically, they are the same structure of a question and the examiner is looking for understanding the writer’s ideas and attitudes, interpretations of text must be developed think outside the box, always infer this will get you the higher band and read between the lines. Offer evidence that the question is understood use quotes, make perceptive comments. Highlight the key points and read the question more than once.

Question 2-

Explain how the headline, sub headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text.

In this question the examiner wants a detailed interpretation of the effects of the headline and presents a detailed explanation of what the picture shows and the effect of it.  You must link the picture and headline and maybe sub headline with the text by using perceptive comments. Use appropriate quotations from the text to somehow link it to the picture and images and the make your perceptive comments.

Question 3-

Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Parrado and Canessa have whilst searching for rescue.

Explain which parts of Pete Boardman’s story of the return to camp 6 you find tense and exciting.

 Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Claire Francis has during the storm.

 Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Christopher Ondaatje has about his experience of Lake Victoria.





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