AQA GCSE English Language Exam detailed tips

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English Language
How to spend your time during the exam
Exam length: 2h 15m
Section A: Look at media articles and answer questions
Section B: 2 writing questions.
Time management
15mins reading
Q1, 2 and 3 12mins each
Q4 and 5 24mins
Q6 30mins
Section A
You are advised to spend 1 hour 15 minutes on this section
I advise you spend 15 minutes reading and annotating
Then spend 1 hour answering the four questions:
Question 1 will probably be about "what you have learnt" for 8 marks I
suggest 10-12 minutes on this question and you summarise each
paragraph of the article
Question 2 will probably be about "layout" for 8 marks I suggest 10-12
minutes on this question
Question 3 will probably be about the "meaning" for 8 marks I suggest 10-12
minutes on this question
Question 4 will probably be a comparison about the "language" used in two
articles for 16 marks I suggest 25 minutes on this question
Make sure you watch the time because you don't want to have to leave out the
last question which is DOUBLE marks
Begin each paragraph with a simple topic sentence and use as many quotations
as possible
Keep an eye on the time because you have the writing tasks afterwards

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Question 1
You should start off like this: "We learn..." followed by the points. This is easy for
the examiner to read, as well as being well structured. Clarity is key! Add some
quotes in to back it up? You need to show you understand the text, so this can
be shown through perception, meaning you have an insight on the text, as well as
being detailed when writing your answer.…read more

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Colourful, eye-catching, wide view, detailed.
Question 3
Get under what they say to find out what they mean `read between the lines',
explain what you pick up on (moods / feeling / intention), Where is your focus being
directed to (repetition / change), Higher Grade: depth / perception of any points.
What is to explain? Make (an idea, situation, or problem) clear to someone by
describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts or ideas.…read more

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Similes- like or as
Formal tone- register
Rhetorical questions
Adjective words that are original that you can analyse
Read between the lines!!
You also need to offer a full and detailed understanding of the texts in relation to
language, you need to analyse how the writers have used language differently to
achieve their effects, you need to offer appropriate quotations in support of
ideas with perceptive comments, you need to focus on comparisons (similarities
and differences) and cross references between the text .…read more

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In section B of the paper the examiner is assessing your writing ability and you're
advised to spend 1 hour on the section and in that time you need to complete
two tasks:
1. 16 marks (10 for content and 6 for spelling, punctuation, voacb, sentences
& grammer) This is an inform/explain question spend about 25 minutes
2. 24 marks (16 for content and 8 for spelling, punctuation, voacb, sentences
& grammer) This is an argue.…read more

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­ sentence variation / techniques / statistics etc etc)
Use varied sentences / varied sentence length / varied punctuation (;!) /
wide vocabulary / unique structure (bullet points / indent / speech)
1st / 2nd / 3rd person as appropriate.…read more


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