English Language - Child Language Acquisition - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Presentation on all the theorists, stages and terms you need to know for the AQA English Language A2 exam. Hope it helps :)

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English Language Revision…read more

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Developing Speech

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Linguistic stages of
Stage Features Age (months)
Vegetative Sounds of discomfort 0-4
Cooing Comfort sounds and vocal play 4-7
Babbling Repeating consonant and vowel sounds 6-12
Proto- Word-like vocalisations. E.g. "mmm" means 9-12
words "give me that"
Stage Features Age (months)
Holophrastic/ one-word One word utterances 12-18
Two-word Two word utterances 18-24
Telegraphic 3 or more 24-36
Post-telegraphic More complex utterances 36+…read more

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Noam Chomsky
Language Acquisition Device (LAD)
Language share similarities ­ universal
grammar…read more

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Phonological Errors
Term E.g.
Deletion Do(g), cu(p)
Substitution `pip' for `ship'
Addition Doggie
Assimilation `gog' for `dog'
Reduplication Dada, mama
Consonant cluster reduction `pider' for `spider'
Deletion of unstressed syllables `nana' for `banana'…read more

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Jean Berko and Roger Brown
The `fis' phenonomeon:
Child: a fis
Adult: is this your fis?
Child: no
Child: a fis
Adult: is this your fish?
Child: yes, my fis…read more

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