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Chemistry Notes

Elements of Life:

Mass Charge
Protons 1 +1
Neutrons 1 0
Electrons Negligible -1
Atoms are made up of fast moving electrons moving around a positive nucleus made if protons
and neutrons.
Absorption and emission spectra:

Emission spectra are coloured lines on a black background.

Process: 1) Electrons…

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Chemistry Notes

Isotopes: atoms with the same atomic number but different mass number
Avogrado constant: the number of atoms in 1 mole of a substance: 6.02xE23
Relative Isotopic mass: average mass of the isotopes
RAM: The mass of an element in comparison to carbon-12
Type of bond Melting Point Solubility…

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Chemistry Notes

Reactions with water increase as you go down the group. The basicity increases down the group.
Carbonates are thermally more stable down the group. Hydroxides are more soluble down the
group. Carbonates are less Soluble down the group.


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