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Electrons, Waves & Photons

A continuous spectrum
All wavelengths/frequencies are present

A coulomb
One coulomb is the charge which passes a point when a current of 1A
flows for 1 second

A semi-conductor diode
Allows current in one direction only - A light-emitting diode (LED) emits light
when it conducts…

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De Broglie wavelength
Shows electrons behaving as waves, depending on speed/momentum

The spreading out of waves when they pass through a gap/edge of an object

Electromotive force
The energy transferred/gained per unit charge

A unit of energy - The amount of energy transferred when an electron moves

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Longitudinal wave
Longitudinal waves have vibrations parallel to the direction in which the wave

Malus' law
Calculation for the intensity of light transmitted through a polarising filter:
Iout=Iin cos2

Mean drift velocity
Average distance travelled by electrons in the wire per second. When a
potential difference is applied, the…

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A quantum of energy

Plane polarisation
A process of restricting the vibrations of electromagnetic radiation to a single

Potential difference
The energy transferred/dissipated per unit charge

Rate of energy transfer. In electrical terms, power is the product of voltage
and current. P = VI, P = RI2…

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The Volt
A joule per coulomb

Component which shows a rapid change in resistance over a narrow
temperature range. Its resistance decreases as its temperature is increased

Threshold frequency
The minimum frequency of the incident electromagnetic radiation that will
release an electron from the metal surface

Transverse wave


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