OCR AS Physics Electricity, Waves & Quatum definitions - smartphone physics

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There are 31 Unit 2
definitions which you
need to learn and
practice recalling.
These are all listed in
these slides.
Other SmartphonePhysics
resources give you more
background detail on each.

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The Coulomb
1 Coulomb is the
charge transferred
current of 1 Amp flows
for 1 second.…read more

Page 3

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Drift Velocity
The average velocity of
charged particles
through a material due
to the applied potential
difference.…read more

Page 4

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The energy transferred
from electrical to non-
electrical form per unit
charge.…read more

Page 5

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The Volt
1 Volt is 1 Joule per
Coulomb.…read more

Page 6

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Electromotive force
(e.m.f) is the energy
transferred from non-
electrical to electrical
form per unit charge.…read more

Page 7

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The potential difference
per unit current for a
component.…read more

Page 8

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The Ohm
1 Ohm is 1 Volt per
Amp.…read more

Page 9

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Ohm's Law
The current flowing
through a component is
proportional to the
potential difference
applied across it
providing that other
physical properties, like
temperature and length
remain constant.…read more

Page 10

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The resistance of a
material multiplied by
its cross-sectional area
per unit length.…read more


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