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Sarah McCloskey

Wuthering Heights Essay

Discuss Emily Bronte's presentation of Catherine in Chapter 12. As readers, does
our attitude to Catherine change in this chapter?

Include in your answer: close focus in narrative methods
: Perspective of Catherine, past, present tense
: Compare with earlier impressions of Catherine

Through the…

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Sarah McCloskey

"tore the pillow with her teeth"page112

Makes us have the attitude that she is a crazy woman, this is furthered by the words
Nelly uses to describe her state
"She increased her feverish bewilderment to madness"
Through her actions her, Bronte has managed to change our opinion of…

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Sarah McCloskey

Catherine wants to feel close to the nature and it makes her closer to Healthcliff. She
becomes even more "delirious" as Nelly calls it by remembering memories and talking as if
she can see Wuthering Heights. Catherine talks and makes the statement
"I won't rest till you are…


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