Digital Divide

Plenty of diagrams here, some cursory notes I made on the Digital Divide, thought I'd share them.

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The Digital Divide: Explanation.
The gap of the digital divide inflicts many communication problems such as social class
inequality, political regimes control of communication technologies, developing countries
need for digital communication, and ethnic barriers sustaining, on a global scale.
Knowledge is power. Knowledge stems from communication. Those without the
communication technology tools have limited access to this power and influence.
As information communication technologies (ICTs) continue to advance, many people
are still being left behind. It is important to understand why underdeveloped and
developing nations need to be able to access information communication technologies
in order to adapt and develop their economies.
The Digital Divide is the term used to describe this problem.
In general, the Digital Divide can be summed up with this old motto: "The rich get
richer and the poor get poorer."
Think about it:
How the Digital Divide Works

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The Digital Divide: Explanation.
The digital divide essentially plays out in 2 scenarios:
Scenario 1: Positive Impact
if you are reading this information, you are in this scenario. Scenario 1 can be broken
down into 4 steps to better how you understand how the Information Communication
Technology tools impact you positively:
1. You're reading this information right now through the use of information
communication technology (Internet access, Wordpress, a publishing and
content management platform technology, etc..).
2. You now gain some knowledge.…read more

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The Digital Divide: Explanation.
The Digital Divide between Old and Young Generation
The internet is growing at a significant rate. Many companies are moving their
activities onto the internet, and new businesses are being developed that operate
purely on the internet. There is a vast amount of information available on the net and
social networking sites allow friends and family to keep in touch. There is a
significant divide present between the older and younger generation. "Only 34
percent of the 34.…read more


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