Education- Dealing with additional needs studies/background

information on background and studies for dealing with additional needs in the topic of enabling learning and dealing with diversity. 

includes individual support- lewis and norwich, remidial support- clay and provision for gifted and talented by heller 

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Enabling learning: Dealing with diversity

Individual support Lewis & Norway
Providing individual support has long been known to improve academic
Bloom tutored students using mastery learning techniques.
Students who had received individual tutoring did much between than
those who had been taught in groups.
Bloom found that the improvements…

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Enabling learning: Dealing with diversity

On the whole, L & N concluded that inclusions of children with a wide
range of special needs in the mainstream classroom is both desirable
and possible as long as teachers maintain an awareness of the needs of
all the children in the class and…

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Enabling learning: Dealing with diversity

critical thinking/ critical towards others perfectionism and unreliable
preference for complexity/ resistance to simple solutions overextension
of energies offtask

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs need of the gifted child to be able to
resolve conflict between their `perceived self' and `ideal self'. The gifted

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Enabling learning: Dealing with diversity

Remedial support Clay
Remedial support is the term that used to be used for onetoone
support provided to children with learning difficulties.
It carries the implication that there is something wrong with the child or
their learning and that the problem can be remedied or…

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Enabling learning: Dealing with diversity

Pps: children with low reading attainment in one school where a
multisensory reading recovery intervention was introduced. Lowest
attaining children identified for most performing well below
expectations for their age at the outset of the study. (Age 6, sept 2005)
at the start they had…

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Enabling learning: Dealing with diversity


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