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Edexcel A2: Unit 4 Economics
The Global Economy
4.3.2 WHY TRADE?…read more

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Patterns of trade: World Trade
Europe accounts for 42% of world
imports and 39% of world exports
Africa participates very little in world
Trade flows between developed
countries dominate world trade
This is because richer countries have more
purchasing power
China & India are doing more trade…read more

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Patterns of trade: China
Since 1980, China's % of world trade
has grown from 1% to 10%
Domestic products are subject to strong
competition from China
Cheap goods from China have
contributed to low inflation in the UK
Britain (at the moment) is the biggest
source of investment into China…read more

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China in Africa
In Africa there are reserves of oil,
uranium and base materials
China wishes to develop international
relations, and as such offers African
countries development funding
Chinese funding comes with fewer
strings attached than IMF funding…read more

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Eg. China in Angola
The rebuilding of the Benguela railway is
being done by the Chinese in Angola to
boost infrastructure & labour mobility
China is helping to reopen links between
key towns and provinces
Chinese workers live separately from
Angolans ­ language barriers
Cheap Chinese imports killing off local
markets…read more

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Problems with China
Different business cultures
Deliberate counterfeiting
Massive pollution problems
Political regime
Exploitation of workers…read more

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have you got presentations for the role of the state in promoting growth, limits to growth  and other measures used to promote growth and development?

Juliana Nyarko


That was a good presentation. Thanks


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