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4.3.1 What are the causes
and effects of
Edexcel A2: Unit 4 Economics
The Global Economy…read more

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What is globalisation?
Globalisation is growing cultural, political and
economic integration and interdependence
Increased trade
Increased movements of financial capital
Increased specialisation & division of labour
Growing importance of TNCs and FDI…read more

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Causes of globalisation
Trade liberalisation
Improvements in technology
Improvements of communication &
Increased significance of TNCs
Collapse of communism
Increased labour mobility
Deregulation of financial markets…read more

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Trade liberalisation
Reduction in trade barriers
World Trade Organisation (WTO) has been
responsible for negotiating reductions in tariffs
to promote trade…read more

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Improvements in
Helps to speed up improvements in
communications and transport
The growth of the internet
The `death of distance'
Transaction speeds increased
Costs of firms reduced…read more

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Improvements in communication &
Fall in the real cost of transporting goods
Decline in cost of communications
Split up the production process
Facilitated growth of TNCs…read more

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