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Harry Bindloss


Globalisation: In the international economy it refers to the process by which there is both
an increasing world market in goods and services and increasing integration in world capital

Causes of Globalisation

Improved transport, making global travel easier
Improved Technology which makes it easier to communicate…

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Harry Bindloss

1. Free Trade Free trade is a way for countries to exchange goods and resources. This
means countries can specialise in producing goods where they have a comparative
advantage (this means they can produce goods at a lower opportunity cost). When
countries specialise there will be several gains…

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Harry Bindloss

One problem of globalisation is that it has increased the use of non-renewable resources. It
has also contributed to increased pollution and global warming. Firms can also outsource
production to where environmental standards are less strict. However, arguably the problem
is not so much globalisation as a failure…


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