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Reece Slocombe
Sarawak, Malaysia
What is ecotourism?
Ecotourism is tourism that
doesn't harm the environment
and benefits the local people.
Ecotourism involves:
· Conservation - protecting
and managing the
· Stewardship - taking
responsibility for conserving
the environment
Ecotourism is usually a small-
scale activity, with only small Physical Attractions Human Attractions
numbers of visitors going to an
area at a time. This helps to Borneo is home to the extremely Kuching City that is the capital of
rare animal the Orang-utan in the Sarawak.
keep the environmental impact
wild or in the Semenggoh Wildlife
of tourism low
Rehabilitation centre.
Background info The Bako National Park has a Rainforest World Music Festival
variety of flora and fauna such as attracts 20,000 people every year.
Sarawak is in the Malaysia part the silver-leaf monkeys, crocodiles, This is also linked to the Borneo
of Borneo which is a large and wild orchids. Most amazingly World Music Expo.
island in SE Asia there is the World's largest flower
called the Rafflesia.
Tropical climate wit average
Beautiful beaches with clear There are many Forts such as Fort
temperatures of 25 degrees waters and variety of fish and Emma attracting historical or
celsius with an average rainfall birds such as Hawaii Beach. cultural tourists as temple is 150 of
of 200mm a month years old.
Its home to tropical rainforests Fascinating caves in Bau with Fairy San Ching Tian Temple is the
w i t h s e v e ra l l a rg e r i v e r s cave famous for its stalagmites. largest Taoist temple in SE Asia.
including the Sarawak River. Borneo is famous for its huge cave
The Malaysian part of Borneo systems.
is separate with the Indonesian The rainforests attract adventurers The fact that people can stay in
part by a mountain range from all over the world especially locals' homes ften makes the
since Sarawak is renowned for its holiday cheaper and gives it an
Ecotourism authentic feel to it especially since
you are at one with nature.

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Reece Slocombe
Does ecotourism offer a realistic
opportunity for sustainable
development in tropical
Sustainable development means improving the quality of life
for people, but doing it in a way that doesn't stop people in
the future getting what they need
Ecotourism helps areas to develop by increasing the quality of
Is this conservation or life for local people - the profits from ecotourism can be used
exploitation? to build schools or healthcare facilities
However, ecotourism is often run by companies in the home
Local…read more


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