UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

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  • UNESCO Biosphere Reserves
    • Positives
      • Social
        • Ecotourism provides jobs
        • Long-term leases/selective small-scale clearance with replanting
        • multiple zoning, e.g. hunting, tourism, conservation
        • tree cover in watersheds reduces flood risk and improves water quality and quantity for vilagers
      • economic
        • Ecotourism - sustainable e.g. wood huts
        • Extractive reserves, e.g. rubber, nuts - can be sold
        • Agroforestry - maintains biodiversity of agricultural land. Crops can be grown beneath the shade of banana trees
      • environmental
        • Tree nurseries to replace cut down forest- afforestation
        • Reserves linked by natural corridors for migration
        • Forest reserve protected areas with minimum human interference
        • Size of reserve is large enough to support wildlife. Tree cover is maintained on watershed
        • Areas of selective logging. No clear cut felling so a tree cover is maintained.
    • Negatives
      • social
        • requires education and knowledge to set up
        • MDCs might not have innate knowledge
        • not all locals on board - violence e.g. shootings
      • economic
        • small amounts of money produced
        • needs funding to set it up
        • leakage of money
      • environmental
        • no immediate negative environmental effects


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